Nov 192013

It was getting late.  Two of the three suns had already set, and one of the two moons was just starting to rise in the sky.  A young man of about seventeen years of age with long red-black hair a tanned complexion and eyes of a shade of color that varied upon the lad’s mood, was walking north along the main street in the town of ‘Bowirth’.  ‘Bowirth’ was a town situated near the ‘Razor’s Edge’, a mountain range that spread across the northern hemisphere of the continent of ‘Tornae’, in the world called ‘Alearian’.

The young man was wearing a light blue cotton shirt, with black leather pants and knee high soft leather boots, with a white fur cloak across his shoulders with the hood pulled down low over his face to block the glare of the sun on the snow.

The young man’s name was Kalye Dynris.  He was the son of the wealthiest land owner in this area, Lord Schyltic Dynris.  Kalye was the youngest of three boys.  His two older brothers were Ademyr who was twenty, and the oldest was Rykert who was twenty-two.

Both of his brothers had already come into their powers, and used them to torment Kalye to no ends.  But all that was about to change for tomorrow was Kalye’s eighteenth birthday and the ceremony for him to unlock the powers he held within him.

A cold wind was picking up strength as a cold front moved across the area bringing with it quite of bit of snow.  It was the twenty-first day of the second moon cycle of the year; the temperatures were below average for this time of year.


Nov 192013

Chapter One

Ripples spread rapidly across the surface of the puddle as the impact of the approaching creature’s footsteps shook the earth.  The young man dressed in red robes trimmed in black and silver steadied his mount and unsheathed a four foot long exotic sword.  The jungle around him went quite except for the sounds of the beast, which let out a thunderous roar as it drew ever closer.  The man in the robes motioned a signal to the other men that were spaced out a few yards apart as a type of wall to stop the approaching beast.  The men then all started to move slowly back into the meadow behind them, where others were waiting with laser rifles fully charged.

Just then as all the men arrived in position a jet of flame seared its way though the trees licking just above the hunters heads, seconds before a large hundred foot long red scaly form burst into the clearing, his eyes glowing bright crimson red in the light from the sun.  As the beast moved along the ground as he approached the hunters the heat from his massive body ignited the dried fall grasses.  The creature then let out a horrendous roar as he stopped to take in the situation.

“Fire!” yelled the man in the robes as the beast stopped mere feet in front of him as he charged the beast with his sword.  All the man could hear behind him was the release of energy blasts towards the beast, and the beast roaring in pain in front of him as the creature started lunging towards its nearest opponents, until it spotted the man approaching in front of him and went for him.

The man in the robes on the back of the horse noticed the beast turn towards him, so he stood up on the back of his mount, spread out a set of black feathered wings on his back and launched himself into the air with his sword held out straight for the bleeding dragons throat just below his head.  Just as he was about to plunge in the sword the beast opened its mouth and tried to snap up the flying man, but the man went into a planned spin to the right of the beasts head as it passed him and then he plunged the sword into the dragon’s neck just below its jaw and watched as its maw dropped towards the ground and it took in a mouthful of dirt and grasses.

The man in the robes then dropped to the ground and moved to retrieve his sword as the beast’s eyes shut and a last terrible shudder went through its body.  The twenty men surrounding the beast in the meadow relaxed and moved closer to examine their kill.


One of the men, who was wearing body armor and carrying a laser rifle approached the man in robes, “Sir, the dragon has been killed.  We now have enough meat to last us until we can acquire supplies again.”

“Yes, I know,” replied the man in robes, “cut him up and prepare the carcass for transportation.”

“Yes, sir,” responded the man.

As the other man left to carry out the man in robes orders, a searing pain laced its way throughout the man in robes head and slowly spread throughout his body.  He fell into a heap on the ground as he heard a voice whisper in his head, You did well defeating that beast, you have now to complete a mission for me, go to the planet Korathit in the Jerona system, you will find out what you have to do when you arrive there.  The pain then subsided and the man started to stand up, as he regained his sight he noticed that the men were coming to see what was wrong with their leader.  He couldn’t tell them about the voice because they would all think he was nuts, but he would do what the voice said considering he was headed that way anyways.

Nov 192013

Birthday Surprise!

“Kaena!  It is time to get up for school!” shouted her mother from downstairs.  Stirring Kaena awake.

Groggily she replied, “Alright Mom, I am up.”

Kaena turned over and looked at the alarm clock, which read seven o’clock.

She groaned and covered her face with a pillow.

Why does it have to be a school day on my eighteenth birthday?  She thought as she slowly sat up and begrudgingly got up, pulled on yesterday’s blue jeans, a red tank top and she quickly tied back her long dark hair and did her makeup.

She then headed down the steep narrow staircase, through the living room where her brother was watching cartoons and eating cereal on their large HD television set, and into the kitchen where she could smell that her mother had made her bacon and eggs.

Her mother turned around with a plate of food as she sat at the table, her nose was right.

“Hurry and eat your breakfast, you will need to leave soon to beat traffic.” Her mom smiled.  “By the way, happy birthday.  I can’t believe you are eighteen today.”

“Thanks Mom.  I don’t really feel any older if it makes you feel better.”  Kaena quickly ate a couple strips of bacon, with a mouthful of eggs and stood up.  “Sorry I can’t eat it all, I have to stop and pick up Lairyssa on my way to school.”

She then grabbed her purse, keys and a light jacket and sandals and headed out the door before her mom could say anything else.


Nov 192013

There was a loud explosion which shook the walls of the stone room sending dirt and dust into the air, besides the room filling with black acrid smoke.

The little old man behind the desk cursed and ranted as he stood up.  His face was blackened and his eyebrows and long beard with handlebar moustache was singed and slightly smoking.

Nov 192013

Chapter One

A cool breeze blew gently across the prairie grass, as the full moon shone intermittently from behind black clouds.  A lone individual dressed in black with a black fur cloak hiding his features, sat upon a black steed heading along the well-used dirt road towards the town in the distance.

An image flashes through the traveler’s mind – clashing swords gleaming from the fire surrounding the area, blurred by the blood of the blades’ victims – a look of torment laces his tanned facial features, then they fade away as he approaches the moat and guards just before the 100’ high town walls.

The man on the horse stopped as he made it across the moat, beside the guard on the other side.  The guard put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“State your business?” bellowed the human guard who was about 6’4” tall with a stocky build.

“I am looking for a place to stay and a job during my stay,” replied the man in a low tone.

“What is your name?” questioned the guard as he relaxed a bit and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill.

“My name is Aust Nailo,” replied Aust, as the guard wrote down his name and waved him through the town gates.

The first thing he sees is an inn and stables to the right of him and a blacksmith to the left.  Further down on the right there was a tavern strictly for elves that don’t have any contact with the humans unless absolutely necessary, an arms store for both humans and elves, and a general store.  On the left was a row of houses and small farms.  Aust slowly moves towards the well-lit noisy inn when suddenly the door flew open sending a stream of light leading to the feet of the black horse.

A dwarven man about 4’3”, well-built wearing full chain mail armor with a helmet on top of his long red hair and beard, apparently drunk, stumbled out through the opening onto the porch towards the main street.

Aust slowly lowered himself off the back of his steed and tied him to the post in front of the ‘Black Rose’ Inn, grabbed his saddlebags, slung them over his shoulder, and walked past the dwarf who was now past out sitting on the stairs leaning against the post to the porch, snoring loudly.  He went through the oak doors into the lobby of the Inn.

As Aust closed the door behind himself, he noticed a halfling female behind the desk standing on a stool, about 3’9” tall and of a slim attractive build with waist length black hair, a set of doors to the left leading to the tavern, and a set of stairs leading upstairs to the rooms.

Aust approached the female behind the counter.  “How may I help you?” asked the halfling in a pleasant tone.

“I would like a room for the next few days,” stated Aust.

“That will be fifty dollars,” she replied, as Aust reached into a pouch and put a silver piece on the counter, her eyes widened and she replied in a shaky tone, “I don’t have change for that.”

He replied in a steady voice, “Don’t worry about it.”

She then grabbed the coin off of the counter and passed him a key.  “Your room is on the fourth floor at the end of the hall,” responded the female in a more relaxed tone.  Aust then headed up the stairs to his room.

As he unlocked the door to his room and proceeded into the chamber he noticed a down-filled queen-size four-poster bed underneath the window in the center of the room in front of him, a shelf below a fair-sized mirror with a basin of water on it, and an oak chest below the shelf on the left side of the room.  On the right side of the room he saw a large oak desk with a stack of parchment with a quill and ink beside it and an oak chair.

Aust put most of his possessions in the chest, except his weapons and money, took out a lock from his bags and locked the chest.  He then locked the door as he was leaving the room to take his horse to the stables.

After he left the Inn, he grabbed his horse and walked to the stables.  A boy came out to greet him.  “How much to leave my horse here for the next few days?” Aust asked of the boy.

“About twenty-five dollars,” replied the boy who was about 8 years old.  His eyes lit up as Aust handed him a copper piece and replied, “Do you want any change?”

“No that is okay,” stated Aust bemusedly as the boy pocketed the coin and led Aust’s horse into the stables.  Aust then went back to the Inn to have a drink and meal in the tavern.

Aust strode into the tavern through the doors, suddenly assaulted by the music a bard was playing on the stage, the sound of people chatting merrily, and the smell of alcohol and freshly made bread and roasted meats.  A few dwarves were drinking ale, while throwing daggers at a target, a few older human males were sitting at the bar drinking, a couple was sitting at a table near the stage eating meals, while a dark elf was sitting in a booth by himself smoking a tobacco pipe and nursing a drink.

Aust sat down in a booth near the old looking elf as a wench approached Aust and asked him what he would like to order.

Aust responded, “I would like today’s special and a bottle of red wine with a glass.”

“That will be thirty dollars,” replied the wench as Aust handed her a silver piece, and told her not to worry about giving him change.  She then left his table and went into the kitchen.

As soon as she left Aust took out his pipe and smoked some tobacco, the wench came with his bottle of wine and a glass, then went back into the kitchen.  Aust poured himself a glass, took a sip and then continued to smoke his pipe while glancing casually around the room.

When his gaze fell upon the old elven man, the elf looked him straight in the eyes, got up and joined Aust in his booth.

“I knew you would be here,” stated the old elf as he sat down while puffing on his own pipe, “I didn’t know when, but I knew you’d be here sometime.”

Aust was puzzled but curious, “What do you mean by that?” replied Aust in a steady tone.

“I sensed the power in you,” stated the black skinned, white haired, red eyed old elf, “It is just starting to build, not long before it becomes dominant, you are about 19, are you not?”

“I am almost twenty,” responded Aust as he removed his hood and let his long cherry black hair be seen with his hazel eyes, which made him appear older than he actually was.

“You will soon understand what I’m talking about as you grow in strength, your powers will help you in your quest,” said the old man as he looked Aust straight in the eyes.

“What would you know about my ‘quest’?” questioned Aust as he slowly moved his hand towards his dagger.

The old man stood up and responded as he was leaving, “You will see eventually what I mean,” then he was gone.

The wench then appeared with Aust’s meal, a pheasant steamed with wine and part of a fresh loaf of bread.  Aust thanked her as she left, then ate his meal, finished his bottle of wine, then went back to his room, got ready for bed, stashed a dagger under his pillow and fell asleep after locking his door and the window.


The next day at about noon, as one of the two suns was shining through his window, Aust woke up to a knock on his door.

“Hold on a minute,” stated Aust as he got up and got dressed, tucking the dagger in his belt near the small of his back then unlocked and opened the door.

At the door was the same wench from the night before with a tray of food.  “Here is your breakfast compliments of the management,” stated the human wench.

“Thank you,” responded Aust as he grabbed the tray and went over to the desk to put the tray down.  He then ate most of the food, finished putting on his cloak, and arming himself, and then he locked the chest again, and left the room to see if he could find a job and a place to train in his spare time.

As Aust was striding down Main Street he approached one of the town guards and inquired as to where a man might find some decent job until he left town.  The guard pointed to the town office, and said there was a bulletin board with various job listings posted.  So Aust thanked him and went inside the building.

As he entered the town office he seen the wall with all the job listings and scanned the postings quickly.  Aust’s eyes landed on an apprenticeship for the town blacksmith, he was supposed to go see Charles Damon, and whatever happened from there happened.  So Aust took down the ad, then left to go to the blacksmith.

The 6’2” tall Aust was slightly shorter and less built than the blacksmith but Aust had done this type of job before.

“What can I do for you?” rumbled the big dark tanned blacksmith.

“Are you Charles Damon?” the big man shook his head yes, as Aust showed the man the ad, the man looked Aust up and down.

Then Charles responded, “How long do you plan on staying in town for?”

“For a while, until fate takes me away from here,” stated Aust.

“You done this before?” asked Charles of Aust.

“Once or twice,” replied Aust, “I know what to do.”

“I will pay you fifty dollars a day,” Charles affirmed, “You will have to work here for the length of your stay.”

“Thanks, that will be fine,” accepted Aust as he then asked what to do first and made himself busy.


As one of the suns was setting, Aust headed towards a place for himself to train with his weapons that he had found out about from Charles, who as it turned out was a member of the town guard.

Aust arrived at a fairly large one-story building made out of stone.  As he entered through the large oak door he found himself in a large open room with various weapon and armor racks, a sparring area, various workout equipment, and a place to practice with weapons, there also was an area where people could practice with ranged weapons.  There was a notice on the wall near the door announcing a fighting tournament in a couple days with a prize of five hundred dollars and a chance to see the local Lord.  (Maybe if he joined he could find out something about his memories.)  He signed his name to the sign-up sheet, which had quite a few names currently upon it.  Aust then went and started practicing with his katanas, lifted weights for a while and practiced throwing his daggers and firing his repeating crossbows.

He spent the next two days working and training.


Chapter Two

On the day of the tournament, Charles and Aust stopped work early as most of the town was gathering just outside of the town gates in the tents for the tournament.  Aust and Charles entered the big main tent and approached the human male sitting at a desk near the entrance.

“Names please gentlemen?” queried the man.  They both then told the man their names, he told them they would be involved in five matches, and they would have to win all five to get the prize, being the last one standing.

So Aust and Charles parted ways as they found their own places to get ready for their matches.

Aust’s first fight was against a middle-aged dwarf named Doran Forask.  Aust entered the arena with just his two katanas, three daggers and two healing potions.  He was dressed in his silk shirt covered with studded leather armor, leather pants and knee-high soft leather boots.  The dwarf was wearing splint mail with a longsword and large spiked steel shield.

The two fighters prepared themselves for battle.  The bell rang and Aust drew his swords as the dwarf advanced.

Aust took a test swipe with his right hand sword towards the dwarf’s sword hand, Doran moved backwards a couple of steps and raised his shield to block the swing.  Aust took a step back, withdrew his word then made a quick swipe to Doran’s left hand side which caused him to move his defence away from vital areas, and then Aust took a planned swipe with the sword in his left hand and opened a gash in his neck before the dwarf could defend against it.

Nov 192013

Demons dancing,

Within your soul.

For a thousand years,

So it is told.

Gypsy tales,

Cloud your mind.

Leaving life,

Way behind.

Shunning day,

Welcoming night.

Earthbound treasures,

Come to life.

A mixture of thoughts,

Bring different moods.

All you want,

Is absolute truths.

Forgotten names,

Sleeping youths.

Time has passed,

You’re not you.

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